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Related article: Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 17:35:46 EST From: Subject: After The DanceThis is a story of teen and pre-teen boys having sex. If this is offensive to you please read nofarther. If you think you might enjoy, please do. Any and all comments would beappreciated. Send to I had just turned thirteen and all my hormones were at fullblast. It had only been a few weeks ago when I discovered how to jack off and after a few exciting tries I came for the first time. What a thrill. I wasn't exactly sure what the stuff that shot out was, the smooth creamy white and warm sperm, but I didn't hesitate to lick some off of my hand, and was instantly in love. My cock is beautiful if only average in size. I'm circumcised and have the cutest cock head ever. I even try to suck it myself but unfortunately it'snot quite long enough, but I have managed to lick the head with the tip of mytongue and get so turned on when I shoot my hot cum into my mouth. So okay I'ma horny thirteen year old, like I said. I need some playmates, OK.Now I wasn't surewhat gay was and when I first jacked off I didn't think about anything but the feeling that was about to happen. I heard about queers like Peter a kid in my class. The older guys called him "Peter, Peter' Peter eater" and laughed. He threw like a girl and was always getting picked on. I was a good athlete and a good fighter and was popular with the guys. I did fool around with a cousin when I was maybe seven and I do remember that I liked the way his dick felt. Hewas fourteen at the time and he had me hold his cock. I think he jacked off butI don't remember for sure. But holding his cock was nice but I sort of forgot about it. Lately though there are some boys in my class that I wonder what theylook like naked and one night I had a dream that I put this kid,Tyler's dick in my mouth and sucked on it. Well it was my first wet dream and now all that I can think about is sucking dicks especially when I see Tyler. It's like a curse. I can't tell anyone and I can't stop thinking about it. I don't want to be a queer but I really want to suck a dick. Am I crazy? Anyway, on Friday nights the middle school has a dance that lasts until nine o-clock and all the kids go. There is lots of talk about girls and tits and what's going to happen if...I have absolutely no interest in tits or girls but I act like I do. I'm looking at the guys and get a boner when I spy Tyler in the gym. He is so fucking cute. He has a girlfriend and that is pissing me off. I wonder if she touches his dick? So I think that I might as well go home and jack off and mymom will be happy that I'm home early. It's only seven-thirty and my curfew is for nine-thirty. Hey, I'm thirteen and my mom worries. I tell my friends I don't feel so good and that I'm going home. I get some wise guy answers but head for the door. To get to my house I have to walk past the high school and football field. It's kind of cold and Preteen Model Bbs I only have a light jacket so I'm in a hurry to get warm. At the end of the football field I hear some laughing and can see that someone is smoking. I slow down because this could be trouble for a thirteen year old. Should I go back and around the long way or should I try to sneak by whoever is there? Fuck it I'll sneak on by. I head to the right and towards the path that leads up the hill to the street. These kids are near the bushes that are past the goal posts so if Iwalk quietly they wont see me and I'll be on my way home Actually I'm kind of psyched and a little excited. It's those fucking hormones acting up. I continue on walking very slowly. "Hey where the fuckyou think you're going faggot?" I hear these words and take off running. I hear someone running after me and my heart is pumping like mad. Just as I reach the path I trip and fall and the next instant some kid is on top of me holding me down. I try to get up but he's to strong. Then two other guys are there. One big kid that I know is in high school and another kid about my age or younger and the one that's holding me. "OK Robby let the sissy up." Robby let's loose his grip and I stand. The big kid whose name is Mal, stares at me. "So where are you going?" he asks. "I'm going home.""Were you at the dance?" "Yeah." I say. "How come you didn't stay, don't you like girls or are you a fruit pie?" The three guys laugh. The kid my age is real cute but I don't know him and that's strange. He seems nervous but shit I am too. He turns to the kid my age and says, "Well I guess you don't get to give us blow jobs tonight Terry now that we found us a real queer." My heart jumped and my dick started to get hard. Was this really happening? I couldn't let on Preteen Model Bbs that I wanted to give a blow job so I made An attempt to get away, but Robby grabbed my arm and pulled me back. Mal stepped close tome and told Robby to get me down on my knees. I sank down and Mal moved even closer. He was inches from my face and I was staring at his crotch that had ahuge bulge. Robby's hands held me firmly as Mal unzipped his pants and lowered them down to his thighs. He was wearing boxers and his giant, to me, penis appeared through the hole. It was cold but that wasn't what was making me shake, it was the thought of having this cock in my mouth. My head was shoved into Mal and I could feel the warmth coming from him and the sex smell of ayoung guy in heat. I was totally turned on. There was that pre-cum juice leaking from his cock hole. I wanted to taste him. He pushed his cock closer tomy mouth. The head of his dick was real big and my lips slipped over it and Ihad it in my mouth. What was I doing? Was I a fag? The skin was so soft and yetfirm. The pre-cum fluid was quickly licked and swallowed and tasted even better than my own. Mal had a hold of my head and was trying to shove his whole cock inside, but Preteen Model Bbs I couldn't take it all, and I grabbed the shaft with both hands, itwas that big, and gently massaged the head and the three inches that I had inside. Mals smell was so hot, pungent and when he moaned my boner got harder than it had ever been. This is what I wanted. I was sucking a guy. "Oh suck my dick you cock sucker. Ohhhh, fuck this is so fucking hot. Make me cum and swallow my load you queer fucker." Mal said as he humped my mouth. His cock was getting harder if that was possible and his legs began to shake and then they stiffened. I knew that he was about to cum and I wanted to take it all. With a moan he pulled my head closer and forced his dick in farther. I choked as he unloaded and gagged as his cum burst in. His cock jumped out of my mouth and some of his sperm landed on my face and nose. It was gooey and tasted salty ina strange way. It tasted like mine but different. I knelt there staring at his cock as it softened. It was big and uncut. I couldn't see his balls and he pulled his boxers up over his dark bush of hair. My hand felt my cock it was so hard inside my pants. Mal looked downat me with a grin. "Well my new little gay friend you really know how to suck a mans cock. How about you Robby, want a blow job?" Robby looked nervous but said, "Yeah I'd like him to blow me?" and he moved in front of me while Mal got behind and put his hands on my shoulders so that I wouldn't run. Not likely because I was now really into this. Robby was cute and maybe fifteen. He was well built and had a nice solid looking butt. Robby unbuttoned the top button on his Levis. He was hesitant, but then opened the other buttons. He just stood for a moment and then lowered his pants down so that his butt washolding them up. Again he just stood so I reached up and put my fingers on the elastic of his white tight briefs and slowly pulled. I could see his hard penis through the cloth and a small wet patch. His cock wasn't long, smaller than mine and it was very thin and as the briefs went past his cock, it sprang hard against his stomach. He smelled so good like fresh laundry and soap. His balls were small and soft with just the faintest bit of soft blond pubic hair. I held his penis and moved my mouth forward to suck it in. Holy shit it felt so good that I almost came in my pants. I could get it all in and even down my throat.I moved my head back and forth and Robby kept the rhythm fucking my face. Each time my nose made contact with his soft pubes I breathed in his wonderful sexy scent and I wanted to devour all of him. Thoughts of licking his butt hole, thoughts I'd never had, entered my mind. I sucked with more desire, his knees buckled and he said that he was going to come. I held his butt tightly and pulled him closer to me, my finger pressed his warm hole and I pushed in as he let go with all his boy sex juice, and I swallowed and sucked and swallowed until there was no more and I still kept sucking. Robby pulled his cock out and stepped back. His dick got soft and small and so sexy looking. He pulled his Levis up and with trembling fingers buttoned up. He looked very pleased. Did he like my finger in his hole? Mal was quiet for a minute and then he spoke, "OK Terry you're next. You ready?" "I don't think I want to. I just want to go home." Terry said. Mal grabbed Terry and told Robby let's "pants" him. Robby held Terry and Mal started to take the kids pants off. The closer I got to Terry the younger I thought he was, may be eleven or even ten. He was very cute and now very afraid. Mal tugged his pants down reveling red, yellow and white undies, I think they were Spiderman. Terry continued to struggle saying that he didn't want to get a blowjob. Mal Preteen Model Bbs pulled his briefs down and I saw his tiny hard dick, (His legs spread apart and I thought again about sticking my tongue into a butt hole) it was pinky size, but still cute and very sexy to me. His balls were like marbles, pink and round and hairless, mouth size and succulent. Fuck, this kid was really turning me on and I wanted to suck and touch him all over. He was still fighting when Mal said, "OK Terry you don'thave to get a blowjob. I know your dick is too small for one, he snickers and laughs) but you got to blow the queer `cause that's what you want, isn't it? " Terry begins to pull his Spider mans up, "Yeah, That's what I want Mal. You're right I want to blow the queer." I stood up Preteen Model Bbs and Terry came in front of me and knelt down. I opened my pants and dropped them to the ground. My cock was oh so fucking hard and I wanted it in this boys warm little mouth. He pulled my jockeys down and my dick stood ramrod. Pre-cum was dripping out of the piss slit and he flicked his tongue and sucked it in. I held his head and felt his warmth and the he sucked my cock into his mouth and I almost screamed but only moaned. This was so good, the best, this cute boy sucking my dick and two guys that I had just had the best sex with watching. Wow! I was on fire with lust and happiness. I could feel cum rising to the head but I wanted to hold off as long as possible to enjoy every moment. I glared at Mal and Robby as their friend sucked me. If this is what it's like to be queer then queer it it's going to be. I'm gay. I said it, and then I began to shoot the best load ever and Terry sucked and swallowed. I looked down into his face that was staring up at me and saw him smile. Some of my sperm leaked out of the side of his mouth and I wanted to kiss him. He kept sucking until I was soft and he still sucked and I loved it and I loved him too. Finally I stepped back and pulled my pants back on. Terry stood too and looked at me with that smile. I said, "Next time I suck you, OK?" "OK." He said. "Hey Robby lets get out of here and leave these girls alone. I'm hungry anyway." Mal and Robby headed towards the path. I looked again at Terry and said, "It's still early can you come to my house for an hour or do you have to get home meet my Mom?" "Well I'm new herebut if I can call my Mom from you're house that would be cool. She'll be glad to know that I met a friend." "Cool. Lets go. Hey how old are you anyway?" "Just turned twelve" "Cool." Comments or suggestions to
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